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Main Phone: (306) 286-3311
Fax Number: (306) 286-3377

Office E-mail:

101 1st Ave NE
PO Box 130
LeRoy, SK S0K 2P0

Missing: Allison Hilbert, Cindy Hartman, Brooke Strueby and Kathy Renz.

Staff E-mails

Dwight Bunyan – General Manager

Mark Fowler – Manager of Lending Services

Leona Wakelam – Office Manager

Brooke Strueby – Account Officer

Cody Block – Account Officer

Lorna McGrath – Wealth Services Officer

Cynthia Hamilton – Systems Support Administration

Tracy Krieger – MSR Cash Non Cash

Allison Hilbert – Member Service Representative Supervisor

Bev Thoen – Member Service Representative

Cindy Hartman – Member Service Representative

Alona Valdesimo  – Member Service Representative


Mission Statement


Working together to build a better community and provide the best financial services… now and in the future.


Through knowledgeable and professional staff, we provide leadership, social and economic well being to our members and our community