Main Phone: (306) 286-3311
Fax Number: (306) 286-3377

Office E-mail:

101 1st Ave NE
PO Box 130
LeRoy, SK S0K 2P0

Missing: Allison Hilbert, Cindy Hartman, and Brooke Strueby.

Staff E-mails

Terry Sieffert – General Manager

Mark Fowler – Manager of Lending Services

Leona Wakelam – Office Manager

Brooke Strueby – Account Officer

Cody Block – Account Officer

Lorna McGrath – Wealth Services Officer

Cynthia Hamilton – Systems Support Administration

Tracy Krieger – MSR Cash Non Cash

Allison Hilbert – Member Service Supervisor

Bev Thoen – Member Service Representative

Cindy Hartman – Member Service Representative

Alona Valdesimo – Member Service Representative


Mission Statement


Changing Lives. Empowering Possibilities.


To lead, serve and enhance our communities.