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Your online security is extremely important to us. That's why we're further enhancing our online banking and mobile app security with increased personal access code (PAC) requirements.

For our online banking and mobile app users, you'll be prompted to enter your current PAC, enter a new PAC of your choosing, and verify it by entering it again. 

For LeRoy CU Mobile App users with QuickView* enabled, we recommend using your app on your mobile device to update your for the first time.  This may help avoid issues with your password and the QuickView feature. 

For more information, keep reading below!

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Your new PAC needs to be 8 to 30 characters in length and must include each of the following:

•    an upper case letter,
•    a lower case letter,
•    a number

These special characters can be used as well, but are not a requirement:

!  @  #  $ -  |

Once you have updated your PAC to meet the new requirements, you will use this new PAC for online banking across all of your devices.

  • To help protect your account, avoid using names, dates or numbers tied to your identity (such as birthday, family name, pets, street).
  • Use a PAC that differs from your other banking, email, and social media accounts.
  • Creating a complex but memorable sentence or sequence of words and numbers will make it harder for others to guess your PAC.

Why do I need to change my Password (PAC)? Expand/Collapse

Cybersecurity and hacking are a growing threat and continue to dominate the news.  The need for increased fraud protection has never been more important.  

LeRoy CU is firmly committed to the security of your information.  The Strong Password update is an effective tool in the ongoing fight against fraud to help provide you the peace of mind that your account information is safe and protected!

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Where can I change my PAC?

PACs can be changed in MemberDirect via desktop or mobile app.  PACs cannot be changed via Mobile Web.

Can I reuse a previously used MemberDirect Password?

No, the last 10 passwords can not be reused. 

Why am I locked out of online banking on my desktop computer after updating to a strong password?

One reason for the lockout may be that the password has been saved within the browser.  If the old password has been saved, the password will auto-populate on the login screen.  You could inadvertently be logging in with the old saved password thus eventually locking yourself out.
To fix this, clear your saved passwords by deleting your cache/cookies in your browser settings.

Why am I locked out of Mobile App after updating my PAC to a strong PAC via desktop?

If you have Quickview* enabled, the LeRoy CU Mobile App stores the last password (PAC) you had entered to login successfully on your device.  This is so that the app can show your current balance even though you are logged out.  If the app uses your previous password three times to show you the QuickView balance, it will lock you out.

You may need to remove the devices you have registered for QuickView using the desktop MemberDirect online banking site to fix the issue (note: this cannot be completed in Mobile Web Banking).
  • Login to MemberDirect online banking on your computer (if on mobile go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the 'Full site' link)
  • Navigate to Account Services > Mobile Banking App
  • Remove all registered devices
Another way to fix this issue is to remove your saved logins from your LeRoy CU Mobile App before you log in. 
  • Before you login in, select Settings on the app home screen > Saved Logins and remove your saved logins. 
  • Login using your app again, entering your Login ID and strong password.

Contact us for assistance unlocking your password.

*Quickview allows you to view your account balances when you open the mobile app, without needing to login first.
*Quickview allows you to view your account balances when you open the mobile app, without needing to login first.

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