Volunteer Award

We've created the LeRoy Credit Union Volunteer of the Year Award to acknowledge a hard-working volunteer who has tirelessly donated their time to enhance their community!

Congratulations to our 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award recipients, Alyssa Regie and Bryce Moore.

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Alyssa is a leader among her peers at school, volunteering her time within and outside of school.

Alyssa has assisted with planning events for the younger students with the youth club.
Assists with cleaning the kitchen at the school after school suppers.
Outside of school she has volunteered at Santa Claus day, Raise the Roof auctions.
Extra curricular activities she is involved with include: volleyball, cross country track, yearbook, youth club,  helps out with  refereeing and scorekeeping for volleyball and basketball games

Quote from Nominator:
“Alyssa  represents LeRoy with an awesome attitude at our local, district and provincial level”

“Alyssa is a true leader, she is able to help mold others into a great volunteer with her enthusiastic attitude and gentle caring soul”.

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Over the past few years Bryce has been on a number of boards volunteering his time to enhance our community.
Bryce had a large part in the Raise the Roof rink project.  He was on the fundraising committee that raised a large sum of money for the rebuild.
Bryce is the coordinator for “Farming with Friends”.  He plans and organizes the crop and farmers that volunteer time and supply equipment to get the crop seeded in the spring, sprayed through the growing season and harvested in the fall.  To date the profits from “Farming with Friends” have been donated to the LeRoy Community Centre and LeRoy Leisureland Regional Park.
Bryce is also presently the lead for the building committee of the LeRoy Daycare Board.    Bryce has stepped up to the plate dealing with permits, building inspectors, government officials, etc .

Quote from Nominator:

“Bryce has faced many hurdles on the boards that he has been on.  Whether it is lack of funding, no volunteer helpers or road blocks with the government, he has overcome them with grace and a positive attitude.  As we look at the community today he has done so much to get this little town to be as great as it is.  Bryce takes on everything thrown his way with tenacity, a positive attitude and love for his community”.

“Bryce has joined these committees out of the goodness of his heart for the betterment of our community”.
Nominations are now closed for the January 31, 2019 deadline.  Please check back again later this year for the next round of nominations!

Volunteer Award

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